"Whenever I see friends or family, or even strangers struggling with these Medicare insurance issues, I direct them toward Karen and Gary for assistance. Mainly because they listen and they care."

(Lea Ann L., Nevada, IA)

"Gary--a big thank you is due on my part for all of your help with getting my procedure approved. I had my surgery on the 8th of January and the back surgery was a big success. I think I would still be sitting in pain without your help. I will always be grateful for all of your help. You are more than just a salesman of insurance, you are a true representative for your clients."

(Sonja, Panora)

"Josh is extremely knowledgeable regarding all facets of insurance. He consistently responds to all my questions and needs in a timely professional fashion. Honest individual with integrity!"

(Kelly J. Willis, Captain (retired) DMPD)

"I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your help and advice...It must be nice to be associated with Karen Hogue...I think a sense of humor is one of God's great gifts, and Karen seems to have been blessed with a very good one."

(Paul E Huscher, Attorney at Law, Waukee)

"Dave and I have been with Gary since we turned 65. Every year we review different plans together and decide which best fits our needs. He is always willing to take the time to explain claims and offers which affect our health coverage. Thank you Gary, for your dedication to your clients."

(Judy and Dave Zwanziger, Indianola)

"It's been a pleasure dealing with Gary mostly because of Karen (the keeper of the gate). She's always there to answer any questions you have...you can tell by her voice she has a smile on her face and likes her job."

(Marilyn McCrory, Des Moines)

"I have been doing business with Gary Ripperger and Jim Brown for 30 years now. Over the years we have had a few claims, and Gary has gone to bat for us each time. Occasional quotes come from other agents, but I don't even bother with them. I am convinced they cannot duplicate what I already have.

There is more to having insurance than simply paying the premiums. When claims do occur an advocate is invaluable. The integrity of Gary's team is exactly what we want.

I continue learning and improving our insurance coverage with this team. Our latest acquisition was an umbrella policy, because being underinsured is as bad as not having insurance.

A question I like to ask people is 'would you do that again'. Generally, my question pertains to purchases, trips, etc. My answer regarding Gary Ripperger, Jim Brown, and Iowa Insure (Hometown Insurance) is a solid YES."

(Dennis Baber, Des Moines)

"Thank you for the service you gave Bob with his health insurance during his illness. It was a great comfort to us both to know you were there to answer questions and advise us."

(Bernice Chambers, West Des Moines)

"It is such an encouragement to have a health insurance agent like Gary Ripperger. We have been his client for several years, and he keeps us up to date on the happenings in the field of Medicare. We appreciate his professionalism."

(David and Nicole Brown, Indianola)

"I have been a customer of Gary's for a number of years. He chose the best insurance plan for me when I retired and was there any time I had questions or problems. If I have no reason to call him, he contacts me at least once a year. I have recommended him to friends and he has taken good care of them."

(Marilyn, Des Moines)

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